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Here in this blog you will find a selection of all things crafty including my home-made experiments & crafting ventures, as well as projects I love or would like to try one day. Plus some amusing side notes that I just had to share.

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PLEASE NOTE: Most of the items I post are not my own, I will however reference to the original source where possible. If you spot an incorrect source, please let me know and I'll amend as soon as possible. Items that I have made and are my own work I will tag with my name (#Coutts Charms).
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3 ways to liven up a yarn shop:

+ Loudly, and in a clear voice, say “Circular needles are so stupid.”
+ Wait until the shop is crowded, then tell one person that today is the day that everything is 50 percent off.
+ Yell “MOTH!”

Not that you could be bored in a yarn shop, but just in case.

At Knit’s End: Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much - Stephanie Pearl McPhee (via bibliophiling)

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Progress {on my crochet projects and about to start some new ones} #crocheting, #africanflower, #ratherbecrocheting, #crafts, #blankets

Looking great so far! :)


Working on some more Christmas pressies. I love the pattern on the left and how gorgeous is that purple on the right? :-)

Making progress!

Had a great day at the King Edmund school fete yesterday :-)

I found more white yarn woooo!

Halfway through the BAMCAL challenge and a third of the way through this blanket … it’s going to be HUGE! I can hide under it already :D

Details of the prject including all the square patterns and join technique can be found here:


Support your local crafters <3 

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