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Here in this blog you will find a selection of all things crafty including my home-made experiments & crafting ventures, as well as projects I love or would like to try one day. Plus some amusing side notes that I just had to share.

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PLEASE NOTE: Most of the items I post are not my own, I will however reference to the original source where possible. If you spot an incorrect source, please let me know and I'll amend as soon as possible. Items that I have made and are my own work I will tag with my name (#Coutts Charms).
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Sneak peak of three presents I’ve been working on! Cannot wait for Christmas :-)

Loom fun!

A lil bug and some bracelets - I had great fun making these and will definitely be making more.

Loom fun!

The lil bug was so much fun to make and I’ll definitely be making some more. The pattern for him is from here:

Wild berry (and apple) picking - going to make a delicious jam out of these!

Wow! Our second Approved Food order arrived and it’s HUGE!

Just look at the pic - I got pitta breads, go ahead bars, soups, sauces, hot chocolate (just a penny each!), noodles and more …  I saved almost £130 against the RRP just because I was happy to have things close to or just past their best before date. If there’s a zombie apocalypse there’ll be plenty of food here!

Amazing savings, just use this link to save for yourself and see -

Items for the Craft Club’s yarn bomb :-)

3 ways to liven up a yarn shop:

+ Loudly, and in a clear voice, say “Circular needles are so stupid.”
+ Wait until the shop is crowded, then tell one person that today is the day that everything is 50 percent off.
+ Yell “MOTH!”

Not that you could be bored in a yarn shop, but just in case.

At Knit’s End: Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much - Stephanie Pearl McPhee (via bibliophiling)

(via crazy-crocheter)